Activated Carbon Facilitated Oxidation

AC Fox can be used to both decolorize sugar liquors and treat the waste stream known as vinasse, scavenging the organic components of this stream and allowing the inorganics to be reclaimed  as a fertilizer.

Activated carbon laden with either hazardous or non-hazardous organic contaminants can be reclaimed to near virgin capabilities by using the AC FOX method.

As with VOC abatement, the AC FOX process can be used to directly oxidize liquid organics at a fraction of the cost of current thermal oxidation operations.

The AC FOX process can be used wherever activated carbon is currently used for VOC abatement at a fraction of the cost as the need for carbon replacement or regeneration will be virtually eliminated.

Similar to vinasse treatment, stillage can be treated via the AC FOX process, energy can be reclaimed from the oxidation of the organics, and the remaining inorganics stream can be used as fertilizer for an ensuing corn crop.

Sugar Decolorization and Vinasse Treatment

VOC Abatement

Liquid Organic Hazardous Waste Destruction

Spent Activated Carbon Regeneration

Corn-to-Ethanol Stillage Treatment

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