Activated Carbon Facilitated Oxidation

A compilation of presented papers and articles about the AC FOX technology (formerly known as CarbOxLT)

Articles and Presented Papers

A paper presented at the 14th International Activated Carbon Conference in Pittsburgh, PA in October 2005.

In this paper, the AC FOX technology is known by its previous moniker, CarbOxLT.

Low Temperature Regeneration of Spent Activated Carbon

Theory and Applications

An article in PDF format from the International Sugar Journal (February 2005)

In this article, the AC FOX technology is referred to as both Low Temperature Regeneration and CarbOxLT.

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Understanding Activated Carbon

Reactivation and Low Temperature Regeneration Technology

Boston Globe Article highlighting inventor, Hugh McLaughlin, and his participation in the Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge.

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Hot Idea

Text Box: MIT Technology Review article on emerging technologies and their impact, featuring the Modern Marvels Invent Now exhibit
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Traveling Exhibit Promotes

Independent Inventions

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